Summary of Minutes of the Virtual Mt. Pleasant City Commission Meeting – October 11, 2021

Summary of Minutes of the electronically conducted regular meeting of the City Commission held Monday, October 11, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Joseph read a proclamation recognizing October 11, 2021 as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Received petitions and communications.

Approved the following items on the Consent Calendar:

1) Minutes of the electronically conducted regular meeting of the City Commission held September 27, 2021.

2) Bid of ProComm of Mt. Pleasant, MI for the purchase of 12 portable 800 Mhz radios and the appropriate budget amendment.

3) Received Amended Application from MAC LTT and set public hearing on same for Monday, October 25, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

4) Allocation of $10,000 to the Mid-Michigan Aquatic Recreational Authority for start-up funds contingent on similar approval from the other two partners and the appropriate budget amendment as presented.

5) MDOT resolution authorizing a contract amendment to include wetland delineation services.

6) Contract amendment with Mead and Hunt for wetland delineation services.

7) Appointment of Aaron Desentz to replace Nancy Ridley on the Airport Joint Operations and Management Board effective immediately and to the remaining boards and commissions as presented effective November 1, 2021.

8) Warrants and Payrolls.

Held a public hearing on S.A. #1-2021 regarding pedestrian lighting and approved Resolution #5 for approval of the roll and setting of payment terms for the special assessment district.

Confirmed the reallocation and carryover of existing vacancy savings in 2021 to be used for a one-year contract with R.I.S.E. Advocacy, Inc.

Commissioner Cyman was appointed to fill the vacant seat on the Appointments Committee.

Authorized a bonus for current City Manager Nancy Ridley.

Approved and conducted a closed session pursuant to subsection 8(c) of the Open Meetings Act for strategy and negotiation sessions connected with the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement.

Approved the labor agreement with Paid On-Call Firefighters (POCF).

Held Work Session Discussions on 2022 Operating Budget and outdoor ice rink options.

Adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m.