Materials Recovery Facility to Close for Repairs; Week of December 13, 2021

The Isabella County Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will be closed for repairs during the week of December 13. No inbound material will be accepted, and there will be no curbside recycling collection during this time. Operations and curbside collection are slated to resume the week of December 20.

Once curbside recycling resumes, there will be an increased amount of materials due to the MRF closure and holiday celebrations. If you have extra recyclables, please place a small amount out for collection over the next several weeks, or consider dropping them off for free at the MRF. This will allow the collection crews to service each address on the route.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Questions? Call (989) 779-5401.

Topics to Watch at the VIRTUAL Mt. Pleasant City Commission Meeting – June 28, 2021

Here are the topics to watch at the next virtual Mt. Pleasant City Commission meeting scheduled for Monday, June 28, 2021 at 7 p.m.

-Public hearing on an ordinance to amend Chapter 10.05 and Chapter 91 Animals of the Code of Ordinances and consider approval of the same.

-Consider contract extension with Isabella County for the Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

-Consider Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) resolution authorizing approval of a contract for reimbursement of funds for approach slope clearing project for the Mt. Pleasant Municipal Airport.

-Consider change in use of funds for Broadway Central.

To view the entire meeting packet visit:

How to follow public meetings during social distancing:

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, as allowed under the Open Meetings Act and consistent with the Isabella County Declaration of a State of Emergency (Resolution No. 20-12-03 effective 12-15-20), the City Commission Meeting will be held virtually. The public may view the meeting live on the City’s YouTube Channel, on Spectrum Charter channel 188 or via Zoom.

Zoom Meeting instructions via computer, phone, or dial-in number are as follows:

Passcode: 926374

Phone dial-in: (312) 626-6799

Audio and video will be muted for members of the public and then unmuted by the host during public comment periods.

  • For participants accessing via computer or smartphone please use the “Raise Your Hand” icon to indicate you would like to speak. First, click on the “Participants” icon at the bottom of your screen. Next, click on the “Raise Your Hand” icon near the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • To raise your hand for telephone dial-in participants, press *9.
  • Members of the public may be muted or removed if using abusive language or if they become disruptive to the meeting. Any citizen desiring to make a public comment on an agenda item may email their comments.

Attendance to the meeting and participation during public comment periods will be conducted as follows:

• Members of the public must provide their name and address with their comments.

• Comments/Questions may be sent ahead of the meeting in writing or emailed to

• Individual commissioners can be contacted at the following email addresses:

Mary Alsager     

Olivia Cyman     

Lori Gillis            

William Joseph  

Amy Perschbacher

George Ronan   

Pete Tolas          

• Comments/Questions can be emailed to during the meeting and during normal public comment sections of the agenda.

• Comments sent via email will be read aloud to the Commission during the public comment periods.

Persons with disabilities needing assistance to participate may call the Human Resources office at (989) 779-5314. Persons requiring speech or hearing assistance may contact the City through the Michigan Relay Center at 711. A 48-hour advance notice is necessary for accommodation.

Refuse and Recycling Reminders

During the holiday season, we all tend to generate more trash. Here are some trash/recycling tips to make this a hassle-free holiday season.

  • Remember the 34-gallon rule. Trash cans may not exceed 34-gallons in size.
  • Did I use enough tags or bags? Extra trash that exceeds the top of the can must be individually tagged with a City refuse tag or placed in a City refuse bag.
  • Remember the 50 lb. weight limit. Cans or bags that are deemed too heavy will not be picked up.
  • Split it up. If you have a large number of trash bags, put a few bags out each week.
  •  Be on time. Trash and recycling must be at the collection site (curb or alley) by 7:00 a.m.  If you set it out later, you risk not having it collected.
  • Prepare properly. Rinse out plastic bottles and cans. Flatten all cardboard boxes. Large boxes must be cut down to 2’ x 3’ sections for curbside recycling.  Flattened large boxes may also be taken to the Materials Recovery Facility (4208 E. River Road) as well as large pieces of Styrofoam. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts can be included with your trash.
  • Using extra bins for recycling. If you have more recycling that can fit inside your City bin, you can use another container such as an old laundry basket, or plastic container, do not use cardboard boxes.
  • Wrapping paper is not recyclable. Wrapping paper is not recyclable at the MRF.  Please do not place it in your recycling bins, it will not be collected.
  •  OOPS! What happened?  If you receive an OOPS card from the refuse or recycling collection crews, it will state a reason why your refuse/recycling was not collected.