Summary of Minutes from the Mt. Pleasant City Commission Meeting – May 23, 2022

Summary of Minutes of the regular meeting of the City Commission held Monday, May 23, 2022, at 7:00 p.m., in the City Commission Room, 320 W. Broadway St., Mt. Pleasant, Michigan with virtual options.

Item #15 “Board and Commission Appointments as recommended by the Appointments Committee” was added to the agenda under New Business.

Approved the Agenda with the addition of Item #15.

Received petitions and communications.

Approved the following items on the Consent Calendar:

5) Minutes of the regular meeting of the City Commission held May 9, 2022.

6) Bid of Krapohl Ford of Mt. Pleasant, MI for the purchase of two Utility Vehicles.

7) Resolution in support of pedicab business licensing fees.

8) Renewal of Facility Agreement with Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan for cabin located in Chipp-A-Waters Park.

10) Budget amendment from carryover funds for groundskeeping and signage for the downtown parking lots.

11) Acceptance of $40,000 from the MSHDA for a neighborhood enhancement grant; authorized the Mayor to execute the necessary documents and allocated an additional $30,000 from the HODAG funds.

12) Warrants and Payrolls.

Held a public hearing on the proposed 2023-2028 CIP. No action required at this time.

Held a public hearing and passed, ordained and ordered published Ordinance 1081, an Ordinance to amend §154.410.B.4. of the Mt. Pleasant Zoning Ordinances to reference numeric limits for adult-use marihuana establishments and medical marihuana facilities.

Held a public hearing on Phase II Project Plan for upgrades at the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and approved Resolution adopting a final project plan for water and wastewater system improvements and designated an authorized project representative for the CWSRF application.

Made appointments to the Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission as recommended by the Appointments Committee.

Adjourned the meeting at 8:09 p.m.