Trash and Recycling Reminders

During the holidays trash and recyclable materials can accumulate quickly. Below are tips to insure your trash and recycling are collected.

  • Trash may not exceed the top rim of the can.  If your can has a lid, it must be secure.
  • All extra trash must be individually tagged with a City refuse tag or placed in a City refuse bag.
  • Please do not place your cans in the street.  For street-side collection, cans should be placed at the edge of your driveway or just behind the curb.
  • Please make sure all cardboard is flattened and no larger than 2ā€™ x 3ā€™. 
  • Extra recyclables should be placed in a weatherproof container, such as a laundry basket, extra recycle bin, etc.  Trash bags should not be used for recycling.

If you have questions, please contact the Division of Public Works at (989) 779-5401.  Thank you for your cooperation, and have a wonderful holiday season.