City of Mt. Pleasant Christmas Tree Collection

City of Mt. Pleasant Street Department staff will be picking up discarded Christmas trees from January 3-14, 2022. This curbside collection can be utilized by attaching two refuse tags to the tree for a total cost of $6.30. Individual tags are available at GreenTree Grocery. Multiple tags can be purchased at Meijer, Ric’s, and City Hall.

Trees are to be placed at the curb, even in areas where normal trash collection is in the alley. If you know you will be using this service, please call (989) 779-5401 or email with the date the tree will be curbside. All tinsel and plastic bags must be removed, and the trunk ends of the trees face the street. Evergreen wreaths will not be collected. After January 14 trees may be taken to the Materials Recovery Facility or disposed of through the City’s brush chipping program.