City Provides Building Plan Design Services for Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) are small, secondary dwelling units located on the same lot as a larger, principal dwelling unit. They can be a detached structure in the backyard, an over-the-garage unit, or a space attached to the primary residence. The main home and ADU, also referred to as granny flats or in-law units, cannot be sold separately. The owner of the principal home is also the owner of the ADU.

ADU’s have become an increasingly popular housing option because:  

  • They create additional housing supply and variety within existing residential neighborhoods.
    • They increase housing affordability.
    • They provide opportunities for multi-generational housing and/or aging-in-place.
    • They generate supplementary income for homeowners.

There are currently 54 existing ADU’s in the City. This distinctive housing option can be created in the CD-4 zoning district by right, or created in the CD-3L or CD-3 zoning district with Planning Commission approval.

To make the ADU design process easy, and to assure these units meet all zoning guidelines, City staff has prepared several building plans for both stand-alone and over-the-garage ADU’s. These plans can also be adjusted by City staff to reflect the architectural details of primary dwellings.

To find out more about these units and view the building plans, call (989) 779-5347.