Mt. Pleasant Fire Chief Beltinck to Retire

After 25 years of service, Fire Chief Rick Beltinck will retire on December 16. Rick rose through the fire ranks, starting as a Fire Equipment Operator. He then advanced to Sergeant, Lieutenant and ultimately Chief in 2015.

In reflecting on his career with the MPFD, Rick observed, “I have had the opportunity to work with great people within our organization, and the community as a whole. It was truly an honor to be a member of a team which fostered learning and growth.”

“Rick’s dedication and hard work is evident through the numerous roles he filled within the fire department and the many initiatives he spearheaded,” said Director Paul Lauria. “Rick worked diligently on the 800Mhz statewide radio system implementation, the SCBA firefighter pack transition, successfully obtained grant funding, and developed a process for updating policy and procedures. Rick also served as the City’s Emergency Manager,” Lauria added, “and chaired the area fire chief’s board which fosters communication among the regional fire departments. Rick’s commitment to the community, the Division of Public Safety, and his invaluable institutional knowledge will be sorely missed.”

Rick’s retirement plans include spending time with family and enjoying life.