5 things to watch at the next City Commission meeting

Here are five things to watch at the Feb. 26, 2018 City Commission meeting:

  1. Parks Resource Leadership Award: The City Commission will recognize Director of Parks and Public Spaces Chris Bundy as the 2017 recipient of the Park Resource Leadership Award. Presented by the Michigan Recreation and Park Association, recipients of this prestigious award demonstrate outstanding contributions in the area of maintenance practice, equipment management, resource development and environmental stewardship. Read more here.
  2. Private Swimming Pool Ordinance Amendment: An amendment to the ordinance regarding private swimming pools will be introduced. Currently, private pools are not allowed to be emptied into the sanitary sewer system. To align with federal and state requirements, the proposed amendment would state that all discharge from private pools should be emptied into the sanitary sewer system. If that method is not possible, the amendment offers two additional options. It is recommended the City Commission set a public hearing on the topic for March 12, 2018.
  3. Ceilometer Replacement at the Airport: The City Commission will consider a resolution authorizing a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for the replacement of the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) ceilometer at the Mt. Pleasant Municipal Airport. The associated budget amendment will also be considered. Vital for the safety of pilots and passengers, the AWOS provides accurate and timely weather information to pilots who fly within range of the airport. One component of the AWOS instrumentation is the ceilometer, which is used to measure the height and thickness of cloud cover. MDOT will pay for 90 percent of the cost of the new ceilometer.
  4. Special Assessment for Alley Reconstruction: Discussion on the status of residential alleys occurred during both the 2016 and 2017 budget work sessions. As a result of those discussions in 2016, a letter was sent to property owners whose properties abut alleys that might benefit from reconstruction. The letter outlined the process for petitioning to have the City Commission consider a special assessment to pay for the cost. DPW received a petition in January for the reconstruction of the alley between Fancher and Kinney, from Locust to Wisconsin. The City Commission will consider resolutions #1 and #2 to begin the proceedings for a special assessment, tentatively determine the necessity, and set a public hearing for March 12 on the need for the project.
  5. Downtown Fire Protection Grant Program: The City Commission will consider a resolution to amend the Central Business District (CBD) Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) plan to add the Fire Protection Grant Program as an eligible project. The program is intended to provide funding to property owners in order to assist them with installing fire protection systems including suppression systems, sprinklers and fire alarms in existing commercial and residential buildings in the downtown historic district.

To see the full City Commission agenda and packet for Feb. 26, 2018, click here.

Mt. Pleasant City Commission meetings are held at City Hall on the second and fourth Monday of every month. Meetings begin at 7 p.m.