5 things to watch at the next City Commission meeting

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Here are five things to watch at the March 27 City Commission meeting…

  1. Receipt of 2016 Annual Report: The City Commission will receive the 2016 Annual Report, a 14-page packet documenting the highlights of 2016. To read the 2016 edition, click here.
  2. Ad-hoc committee on Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Act (MMMFLA): The City Commission will consider the proposed composition of the MMMFLA ad-hoc committee, specific charge of the committee and a timeline for their work to be completed. The committee will research MMMFLA and provide a recommendation to the City Commission on suggested parameters and elements to include in a draft ordinance(s).
  3. Timber Town 2.0 donation funds: The City Commission will consider allocating $53,800 of Timber Town 2.0 donations to cover costs from the demolition; add signage, rubberized walkways and patio areas; and renovate the original wooden lodge and covered seating areas. It is also recommended the Commission approves the purchase of a wheelchair accessible play feature if additional in-kind donations are received. 
  4. Public hearings on rental house licensing rates/fees: There will be two public hearings regarding changes to rental housing license fees and fines. Members of the community may provide input on the proposed fee increase for rental housing licenses as well as the proposed ordinance amendment to increase the penalty for owners and property managers who fail to obtain rental housing licenses. 
  5. City Hall security cameras: The Commission will consider the purchase and installation of a security camera system that would cover the exterior of City Hall, including the parking lot and public entrance. 

To see the full City Commission agenda and packet for March 27, 2017, click here

Mount Pleasant City Commission meetings are held at City Hall on the second and fourth Monday of every month. Meetings begin at 7 p.m.