President of Strong Towns to speak in Mt. Pleasant

Strong Towns 2017 Flyer

See the Strong Towns 2017 Flyer

Charles Marohn, president of Strong Towns, a national nonprofit working to strengthen financial resilience in America’s towns and cities, will lead a series of activities in the City of Mt. Pleasant on Thursday, April 13. During this interactive event, participants will learn Strong Towns’ principles of financial solvency, incremental development, local economic growth and bottom-up activism as they apply to the City of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding region.

“We are excited to welcome Strong Towns to our community and share their message,” said City Planner Jacob Kain. “Mr. Marohn is a leading national advocate for strong communities and I believe members of our community will find his message resonates and provides a framework for planning for our future.”

All are encouraged to attend the April 13 events, including public officials, local change-advocates, business owners and residents.

First, Mr. Marohn and City officials will lead attendees on two walking tours in the community. The first tour begins at 2 p.m. and will focus on Mission Street. Interested participants should meet at the northwest corner of S. Mission Street and Fairfield Drive. The second tour will focus on Downtown Mt. Pleasant. Interested participants should meet at Town Center (northwest corner of Main and Broadway).

Later, a public Curbside Chat will take place at 6 p.m. at Mt. Pleasant City Hall (320 W. Broadway) and will focus on the question, “Why, despite all the growth America has experienced, do our cities struggle financially just to accomplish basic tasks?” This stunning presentation is a game-changer for communities looking to grow more resilient and obtain true prosperity during changing times. In the second half of the presentation, Mr. Marohn will speak about issues specific to Mt. Pleasant and open the floor for discussion with attendees.

As part of his visit, Mr. Marohn will also lead meetings with City staff and officials.

Information about the event can also be found on the City’s Facebook page at

About Strong Towns:

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