Sergeant Dave VanDyke to Retire from MPPD

Sergeant Dave VanDyke will be retiring on January 21, after more than 26 years of service to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department (MPPD). A graduate of the Delta Police Academy, Dave initially joined the city as a seasonal park ranger before being hired as a full-time police officer. He later served as Public Information Officer (PIO) interfacing with both the community and media. VanDyke was ultimately promoted to Sergeant, following in the footsteps of his father, Sergeant Wayne VanDyke who retired from the MPPD in 1991.

VanDyke was heavily involved in the MPPD’s training programs, serving as both a firearms and defensive tactics instructor. He was a crime scene investigator for 25 years, an evidence technician, and was a member of the Traffic Enforcement Team and a team leader on the Emergency Services Team, on which he served for 22 years.

Reflecting on his career with the MPPD, VanDyke observed, “I have had a multitude of memorable moments, many of which were tragic high-profile cases. But the one constant was the dedication and extreme effort put forth by members of the MPPD.” He continued, “It is a challenging job, but being part of our committed public safety team was very rewarding. I look forward to our new recruits being able to experience this same feeling of camaraderie.”

“During his impressive tenure with the MPPD, Dave has remained steadfast in his service to law enforcement and our community, Director Paul Lauria recalled. “Throughout his many special assignments and at times, tragic cases, Dave exhibited both compassion and an unwavering drive to solve a case.” Lauria added, “Dave continuously valued the importance of training. He served as a respected firearms and defensive tactics instructor to help refine the skills of our officers. This, along with Dave’s tireless service on our Emergency Services Team, were vital assets to our department. His expertise and commitment will certainly be missed.”

In retirement, VanDyke will pursue another position where he can continue to serve his community.