Free Tree Planting Program

The City of Mt. Pleasant plants a variety of trees in the city rights-of-way as part of the Urban Forestry Plan. Residential and commercial property owners are eligible for one free tree per year, to be planted in the right of way in front of their property. The Street Department will determine the best location for the tree. Once planted, the property owner is asked to water the tree, with additional watering encouraged during extended periods of hot, dry weather.

To receive a free tree and have it planted in the Spring, fill out a Tree Application form and return it to the Department of Public Works at 320 W. Broadway Street, by April 1, 2021. Both the application and tree brochure are located on the City’s website at

If individuals wish to plant their own tree in the right-of-way, a permit must be obtained from the Division of Public Works office. There is no charge for the permit, however, there is a limitation to the size and species of tree which can be planted in this area. For more information, please contact the Division of Public Works office at 989-779-5401.