Be a Good Neighbor – Keep Sidewalks Clear of Snow and Ice

For All Residents:  In May 2019, the City Commission decided to expand city residential sidewalk snowplowing from approximately 13 miles to approximately 25 miles within three years, and adding at least five miles each year thereafter with the goal of clearing all, or a majority of the 46 miles of city residential district sidewalks. An evaluation of the effectiveness will be conducted after the first three years.

To provide more time for evaluation of the expanded process, City staff will begin sidewalk snowplowing along 25 miles of residential sidewalks this season.  No salt will be used. The expanded areas are based on an evaluation of school locations, parks, other assumed high walking areas where pedestrian lighting exists, and contiguous areas to the extent practical. Sidewalk snowplowing by City staff will generally not start until the City streets, alleys and parking lots have been cleared.

For a map on which sidewalks will be plowed visit: For those sidewalks not currently being plowed by City staff, please keep the safety of your family and neighbors in mind and remove the snow from your sidewalk and mailbox approach as soon as practical after inclement weather.

For Commercial and Industrial Property Owners:  City ordinance requires commercial and industrial property owners to clear sidewalks within 18 hours after sleet, freezing rain or snow stops falling, with the exception of Sundays and holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day). In this case, snow must be cleared by noon the day following the Sunday or holiday. If the snow or ice is too hard to remove, the owner must spread enough sand or other abrasive material to make travel safe and as soon as weather permits, must clear a path of at least 48 inches in width.

Code enforcement officers can write a municipal civil infraction ticket to commercial and industrial property owners who do not fulfill this requirement of the ordinance. For further information, contact Assistant Fire Chief Doug Lobsinger at (989) 779-5123 or