Middle School PEAK Program Fee Increase

In previous years the Mt. Pleasant Middle School (MPMS) PEAK program has received grant funding allowing participation fees to be drastically lower than the K-5 programs.  Since grant funding has diminished, it has become necessary to increase the MPMS fees to match the K-5 programs fee schedule.

This increase will go into effect on September 1, 2019 and is reflected below:

2019-2020  FEE SCHEDULE 2018 2019
MPMS Weekly Rate $15 $45
MPMS Weekly Rate (Scholarship)   $30
MPMS Daily Rate   $11
MPMS Daily Rate (Scholarship)   $7

 Scholarship assistance will still be available to those who qualify.

PEAK is a vital component to the development, safety and enrichment of our community’s youth, and the City of Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation department is looking forward to future programming.

If you have questions regarding the PEAK program, please contact Ryan Longoria, Recreation and Sports Director at (989) 779-5329.