Character-Based Code: City Commission requests amended language to draft zoning code and map

The City Commission held a special meeting in November to discuss the proposed character-based zoning code and map, as well as review feedback from the public about the topic.

Meeting Summary – The City Commission requested staff provide amended language to accomplish the following:

  • Exempt existing two-family dwellings (duplexes) from the Principal Residence Exemption standard that would be imposed on new two-family dwellings in the CD-3L and CD-3 zoning districts.
  • Modify the bicycle parking standards for commercial, retail, and service uses to prevent an excessive standard for large format “big box” retailers.
  • Add review standards for site plans that do not proposed vehicular parking.
  • Clarify the language concerning non-conforming uses, structures, and improvements; set the replacement value for such uses, structures, or improvements damaged by fire or other cause at 50% or more of its replacement value; and ensure that the Zoning Board of Appeals may consider permitting resumption of a non-conforming use damaged by fire or other cause.

Amendments: Staff introduced amendments to the text dealing with the above items at the City Commission meeting on Dec. 11, 2017. See the amendments here.

Next Steps – It is expected that the City Commission will take action on the proposed zoning ordinance and map in January 2018.

Learn More – For more information on the proposed character-based code and map, read the answers to the frequently asked questions about the draft here.