City announces leaf collection schedule

UPDATE: Due to the drought-like conditions in recent weeks, some trees are beginning to shed their leaves earlier than usual. Residents are reminded to avoid raking leaves into the streets until the week of Oct. 23 to prevent leaf piles from blocking and clogging storm water catch basins.

Residents who wish to rake their yards ahead of the City’s collection schedule may bag and dispose of the leaves for a fee at the Material Recovery Facility, located at 4208 E. River Rd. in Mt. Pleasant. Leaves may also be mulched with a mulching lawnmower.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Beginning the week of Oct. 23, residents who live within City limits may begin raking their leaves into low piles in the street for the City to collect the following week in a citywide sweep. The full leaf collection schedule is as follows:

  • Week of Oct. 23: Rake leaves into low piles
  • Week of Oct. 30: Leaf collection week
  • Week of Nov. 6: Rake leaves into low piles
  • Week of Nov. 13: Leaf collection week
  • Week of Nov. 20: Rake leaves into low piles
  • Week of Nov. 27: Final leaf collection week. (Leaves left in the street after crews have made their final sweep will not be collected and are the responsibility of the homeowner.)

Please rake leaves in low piles into the gutter and close to the curb. Please avoid covering storm sewer catch basins. To prevent causing a traffic obstruction, do not place the leaf piles too far out into the street.

On High and Pickard streets, where traffic prohibits leaves in the gutter, leaves may be piled on the rights-of-way between the curb and sidewalk.

In uncurbed areas, leaves should be raked into the streets along the street shoulders.

Yard waste bags should not be used. Leaf piles must not contain yard waste or brush.

Questions may be directed to the Division of Public Works at (989) 779-5401.