Man vs. Mountain Recap

More than 250 people participated in the Feb. 4 Man Vs. Mountain 5K race and obstacle course. Racers tackled obstacles such as a rope cargo climb, giant hay barrels and the final 16-foot wall before crossing the finish line.

2017 marked the third year the City of Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation Department has hosted the event. Participants were able to warm up inside Mountain Town Station before and after trekking through the GKB Riverwalk trails.

Saturday morning saw a beautiful sunrise and 9 a.m. temperatures around 15 degrees. However, the cold didn’t stop runners from achieving some pretty impressive times. Here are the top 10 finishers:

  1. Caleb Bearup (22:45.7)
  2. Justin Fachting (23:07.4)
  3. Kevin Vaillancourt (23:49)
  4. Ryan Willis (25:27.5)
  5. Brad Safnuk (25:41.4)
  6. Spencer Kloss (26:50.5)
  7. Jason Foust (26:56.5)
  8. Bill Holbrook (27:11.3)
  9. Ryan Fachting (27:22.3)
  10. Ryan Krager (27:31.2)

Click here for a full list of results. The 2018 Man Vs. Mountain 5K will take place Feb. 3.