City of Mt. Pleasant and EGLE examining former landfill site

The City of Mt. Pleasant has been working in conjunction with the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), formerly known as the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), regarding the previous use and possible contamination of a parcel of land located at West Pickard and North Franklin Streets in Mt. Pleasant.

During surface water sampling of the Chippewa River a clay tile pipe located on the river bank which had groundwater draining into the river, was identified. This pipe was not specified on historical maps, or in EGLE or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) records. City staff immediately began consulting with EGLE and researching the pipe’s origin. This exploration led to verifying a total of five pipes near the area which had operated as a landfill between the 1950’s to 1975.

Water tests were conducted by an independent lab as a precaution. These tests have shown that compared to surface water there are elevated levels of ammonia, boron, PFOS and selenium.

Upon receiving these water test results, the City has contracted with an environmental services company to determine the impact the former landfill has on the groundwater runoff to the Chippewa River. This company will be installing temporary monitoring wells and performing additional water sampling and analysis. Next steps to take, if needed, will then be determined.

The city will continue to work closely with EGLE and the environmental services company, and will provide updated information when it becomes available.