Important Plumbing Reminders

Your home’s plumbing, and the City’s sewage collection system are designed to handle water, human waste, and toilet tissue only. Clogged pumps lead to equipment failure and can cause the sewer to backup. Repairing these pumps and cleaning up any damage caused by backups is costly. To avoid these unwanted repairs and expenses follow the guidelines listed below.

Do not dispose of these items down drains or toilets:

  • Mop heads of any kind (recently found at the pump station).
  • Baby wipes, disposable personal wipes, towelettes, disinfecting wipes, or cloth wipes of any kind, even if the container indicates they are “flushable.”
  • Paper (other than toilet paper).
  • Medications: (Prescription or over-the-counter.) These may be dropped off for free at the City’s Public Safety Building, 804 E. High Street.
  • Feminine hygiene products of any kind.
  • Beauty products, Q-Tips, dental floss, makeup sponges.
  • Plastics of any kind.
  • Food
  • Grease of any kind, especially grease from cooking. Grease quickly congeals and clogs private sewer lead pipes and municipal sewer mains.
  • Garden supplies, such as pesticides or herbicides, paint, varnish, paint remover, nail polish remover, or chemicals of any kind.
  • Motor oil, gasoline, or any explosive material.

The items listed above should be thrown away in the trash, or disposed of at a recycling center or during a community household hazardous waste collection. Please share this information with all members of your household and any contractors that come in to clean your home.