WATER MAIN BREAK – Flushing of lines, water is safe to drink.

Due to a water main break earlier today (6/9/2021) at Broomfield and Mission Street, the water in that area may temporarily have a reddish/orange rusty appearance. Main breaks disturb the iron sediment in the water pipes causing discoloration.

If discoloration occurs, run your cold water from the tap closest to your water meter for several minutes to clear your lines. If there is a removable aerator at the tap this should be removed before flushing. You should also flush your toilets once or twice. The water should run clear within a few minutes but may last until the evening when hydrant flushing stops, and more people are home to move the rusty water out of the system. 

Please do not run warm water, as this forces the discolored water into the water heater, mixing it with clear stored water. If you do get rusty water in your hot water heater, drain the hot water heater per the manufacturer’s instructions.